DOVER, Tenn. (WKRN) — Steve Keel, 61, was last seen at a campsite near Deadhorse, Alaska. The avid outdoorsman and Dover resident was on a caribou hunting trip with a friend.

They arrived in Fairbanks on Aug. 20 and then drove almost 500 miles north to Deadhorse. According to his wife, Keel and his friend were in constant contact with their families throughout the trip.

Keel’s hunting friend told his wife that he left the campsite to go get supplies at a location where they stored their caribou meat. He was never seen again.

“He knows how to survive, it’s just a mystery,” Keel’s wife Liz said.

Search crews have looked for Keel from both the air and land, but the search has been difficult due to the remote area they were camping in.

Keel’s two sons, who are also avid outdoorsman, are now in Alaska to help with the search. Their father trained both of them in survival skills.

Steve’s family is asking for prayers to find him and for the safety of the search crews.