ORLINDA, Tenn. (WKRN) — Cynthia Hall was driving to work on Highway 49 in Orlinda Tuesday morning when she said she was attacked by a strange man with a gun.

“I still can’t wrap my head around it,” Hall said.

Hall said she heard a single gunshot while she was driving on Highway 49, and thought it might have come from a nearby hunter.

Then, she heard a second gunshot and quickly noticed a maroon sedan driving closely to her rear bumper. Hall told News 2 the man sped up into the other lane and began driving side-by-side with her, and then tried to run her off the road.

“I tried to ease over a little bit like maybe he’ll just go past me,” Hall said. “I waited and watched and looked at his face, and he was just looking straight back at me. Just pure fear.”

Hall saw a rifle resting on the man’s lap with the barrel pointed out the window toward a field, and she said he continued to focus on her.

The man didn’t leave Hall’s side until she made it to a four-way stop; the man then turned around and drove the other way.

Hall raced into a nearby country store for safety and called 911.

“I don’t know what this guy wanted or what he intended. I don’t know,” Hall said. “And that’s the scariest part, because why?”

Hall had never seen the man before, but she now knows the name of the man reportedly involved.

The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office identified the suspect as 50-year-old Randall Rochell, who is now wanted on several felony warrants including evading arrest, reckless endangerment, aggravated assault, and unlawful possession of a weapon, in addition to driving on a suspended license.

After Robertson County deputies responded to the call, they located the maroon car matching the description Hall gave driving toward Springfield, according to the police report.

The deputy quickly identified the man driving as Rochell and tried to pull him over for outstanding warrants, but he sped off.

Rochell later abandoned the maroon car, which deputies located in a parking lot. They found an ID card on the ground beside the car with Rochell’s name on it, according to the sheriff’s office.

After obtaining a search warrant for the car, law enforcement found a clear ammunition box containing 13 rounds of .22, two loose .22 rounds, and a spent .22 cartridge inside. Under the hood were three spent 9mm cartridges, according to the report.

The police report goes on to say a Sig Sauer rifle was located on the side of Richards St., and after looking at surveillance video, deputies were able to confirm Rochell likely abandoned the weapon.

Rochell is still on the run. If you know him or his whereabouts, call the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office at 615-384-7971.