SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. (WKRN) — For years, Robertson County’s slogan has been, “Minutes from Nashville, miles from ordinary,” and people are quickly catching on as the area’s population has grown by 10% since 2010.

In 2012, the county put together a comprehensive growth plan to guide future developments and infrastructure needs until 2040, including maintaining 75% of land for rural use.

However, the area has grown rapidly, and leaders said it’s time for a new comprehensive plan. The county received a grant through the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development to start the process.

They’ve asked locals for their help in creating the new plan by conducting a survey.

“It doesn’t do anybody any good to get involved and try to develop an area where people don’t want it, it’s counterproductive, so we’d like to get that consensus from folks,” said Margot Fosnes, Chief Economic Development Officer for the Robertson County Economic Development Board.

The county has released a survey asking locals what concerns they have about growth, among other questions, and an interactive map where residents can comment on where more developments should go and where they shouldn’t go to give leaders a better idea of how to proceed when creating the new comprehensive growth plan.

Fosnes told News 2 many national developers have expressed interest in buying land in Robertson County to build new homes, and businesses have approached the county about moving there, which is one of the reasons why leaders want to reassess the growth plan, and they want all residents’ suggestions and ideas.

“We have 11 cities in Robertson County, and they each have their own sense of character and what they want for the future,” Fosnes said.

“Some people are really scared of growth, they don’t know what to expect, and what we’re seeing right now is it’s going so fast, it’s changing the landscape,” Billy Vogle, Robertson County mayor said. “We’ve got to be planning for this growth now because, even though we’re in good shape now, it’s going to be here before we know it.”

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Dozens of Robertson County residents have already responded to the survey.

The county is working with the same engineering firm it did when creating the comprehensive growth plan in 2012.

Public meetings will be held on August 18 and 19 at the Highland Crest College campus in Springfield where residents can provide additional input.