HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – In the back of a police cruiser, 38-year-old Joshua Bottoms can be heard on body camera footage telling Sumner County deputies, “The car was running, so I jumped in it.'”

The chaos unfolded on Saturday, Oct. 22, when Bottoms, who deputies said committed a robbery in Davidson County, was fleeing the scene.

“My car broke down,” Bottoms told deputies. “I walked a long way.”

Chief Deputy Eric Craddock with the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office, said Bottoms’ stroll led him to Beech High School, where a baseball game was underway.

Deputies said Bottoms was seen on camera around 6 p.m. with a large butcher knife, approaching a woman and attempting to steal her car.

“She hit the panic button on her jeep and runs away,” Craddock said.

Bottoms and his large dog can be seen on camera taking off.

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When asked about this situation, Bottoms answered, “I had my knife out, but I didn’t try to steal hers.”

Good Samaritans, who happened to be military members, witnessed the interaction and followed Bottoms, who had his eye on another victim nearby, watering flowers.

“She was standing and I just walked on,” Bottoms can be heard telling deputies.

The victim’s Mini Cooper was already running and Bottoms jumped in while the good Samaritans tried to block him.

“During the course of the interaction when he’s robbing her of her car, she asked if she can get her laptop out of the vehicle. She got her laptop out and he sped off,” Craddock said.

For three hours, Bottoms led law enforcement on a chase in and out of Sumner and Davidson counties.

“The Tennessee Highway Patrol, Metro Nashville Police Department, Goodlettsville Police Department, and Sumner County Sheriff’s Office were all involved,” Craddock said.

It all came to an end around 9:45 p.m. when Bottoms ran out of gas. He has a long list of guilty charges dating back to 2003.

“He told us during our initial interview that he’s on federal probation,” Craddock explained.

Bottoms is on probation for two attempted bank robberies in South Nashville back in 2016.

“This could have been way worse. A butcher knife like that, one wound to a citizen and we’re talking about a murder charge versus an aggravated robbery charge,” Craddock said.

Bottoms is facing 11 new charges, including aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and evading arrest.