WARNING: This story contains graphic imagery. Viewer discretion is advised.

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A North Carolina nonprofit for bears is offering a reward for information on who shot a deer through the head with a crossbow out of season in Hendersonville.

The mature buck was initially spotted in a Hendersonville neighborhood, and photos of the injured animal with a crossbow bolt protruding from its head began circulating on social media.

TWRA wildlife officers located and tranquilized the buck. Officers then removed the bolt from the animal’s head and applied medicine to the wound, according to a release.

  • Hendersonville deer
  • Hendersonville deer
  • Hendersonville deer
  • Hendersonville deer

“While this agency doesn’t make a habit of going out and handling every injured animal, this animal was in distress, and we felt like we could make a difference for it,” said Barry Cross with TWRA.

Cross told News 2 the buck only suffered an injury to his nasal cavity.

Help Asheville Bears is dedicated to raising awareness and sharing information about the many black bears being seen in the Asheville area with missing legs. It offers cash rewards for poaching tips in North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia.

HAB is offering $3,500 for information on who shot the deer with an arrow in Hendersonville.

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The TWRA advised deer season is not open, and the next opportunity to legally harvest a deer will not be until Aug. 26-28, during the August Private Land/Antlered deer only hunt.

HAB is asking anyone with information to contact them day or night at 855-SOS-BEAR (855-767-2327).

The TWRA would like anyone with information related to this incident to contact Sumner County Wildlife Officer Montana.Michelson@tn.gov or the Region II Office at 615-781-6622.