Concern in Hendersonville, after a neighborhood cat is shot and left for dead. Parents now wonder who would do such a thing, and might they do it again? 

In the Stonecrest neighborhood, off Shadowhaven Way, Harley the cat is somewhat of a mascot.  

“She originally belonged to a lady who’s several doors down the street from where the kids get off the bus,” said Alethea Sanders. “For the last six months she’s just been part of their gang.” 

Day in day out, a group of elementary school students fresh from school would play with the friendly feline.  

But last Friday the kids grew concerned, finding a battered and bruised Harley after school.  

“The little cat house that she typically hides in had blood smeared up the back of it,” Sanders explained. “We inspected her and determined pretty quickly that it was a gunshot wound.” 

When News 2 met Harley, she was not her normal outgoing self. Instead she was fresh from the vet, with fresh staples in her back. Though a long recovery remains, it appears she will be OK. 

What happened to Harley is a mystery that’s left many parents concerned, as the gunshot likely rang out not long before bus time.  

“You’re discharging a firearm in a neighborhood, where there’s gonna be kids running around soon,” added Sanders. “It’s inexcusable, it’s beyond negligence.” 

That negligence has brought the neighborhood together.  

Hours after Harley was found, a Go Fund Me had raised nearly $2,000

“It makes you really disgusted with humanity, and then the neighborhood comes together and gives that faith back,” said Sanders. “I’m just hoping [Harley’s] not different, hoping she’s not shy, and hoping she doesn’t hate people after this. She’s really like a good soul.” 

A report has been filed through Hendersonville Police.