SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – Residents in a Spring Hill neighborhood are still in shock after multiple shots were fired in a quiet cul-de-sac.

The incident happened on Sunday, Oct. 22 in the middle of the afternoon.

Police confirmed to News 2 the suspect was arrested just a few days ago.

Detectives told News 2 it all started with teens meeting to possibly sell weapons, and when someone thought they were getting ripped off, shots started flying, striking homes but, thankfully, no people.

When the first Spring Hill officer arrived on Ruben Road, residents were understandably on edge.

“A shooter here…had an AR…was shooting in that direction. There’s nine casings, looks like,” a resident told an officer.

“All of a sudden I heard it, so I went into my bedroom and got down because it sounded like it was coming into my house,” another resident said.

According to investigators, a group of young people met in the normally quiet cul-de-sac to sell or swap weapons.

At some point, detectives said the deal went sideways. That’s when a teenager, now identified as
Simon Tanner, allegedly pulled out a gun and fired nine or 10 rounds.

Police said some of those bullets hit the ground, some hit mailboxes, and several went through occupied homes.

On body cam footage, you can hear investigators on a porch looking at holes in a woman’s home.

“They were in their home, watching TV, and a bullet came flying into their house. We are very lucky that nobody got injured,” Lt. Mike Foster with the Spring Hill Police Department said.

Though it’s been a few days, News 2 found a resident in the cul-de-sac who is still very concerned that this could happen there, threatening his friends and the many small children who live in the area.

“We are a little worried because we have many kids…really really small kids here,” Jesus Bermudez said.

Police confirmed to News 2 Tanner has been charged with two counts of reckless endangerment for allegedly firing into the dwellings. Detectives said the district attorney is examining the evidence and more arrests and charges are possible.