Residents on edge after gunfire erupts in E. Nashville neighborhood injuring 2 people

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Neighbors in east Nashville are shaken after they say someone with an assault style weapon shot up their neighborhood. 

Two people were hit by the gunfire around 7 p.m. Friday night on Straightway Avenue near 16th Avenue North. 

“It’s terrifying, it’s just terrifying, I didn’t know we were going to survive,” Tim Ross who described the gunfire as sounding like it was in his front yard told News 2. 

It was a sound that will forever haunt these neighbors.  

“It was an incredible amount of shots and it went on for quite a while and there were rounds of shots and then it paused and more rounds and a pause and more rounds,” he explained.  
Some say up to 100 shots rapidly fired, as they tried to take cover.  
“I know the smell of burnt ammunition, I knew it was burnt ammunition and before my brain could even process it, it was another round and then a pause and then another round and I just hit the floor,” Stacie Huckeba told News 2.  
One of the neighbors came outside during the commotion, heard gunfire took cover behind a car and then realized he was shot.  
Police say 2 people were shot and two suspect vehicles were also shot before fleeing the area.  

Huckeba said the ground was littered in shell casings, “Those aren’t the sights and sounds that I’m used to seeing in my neighborhood, somebody with a giant assault rifle that fires off tons and tons of ammunition.” 

“I just don’t think anybody could do anything against the kind of fire power that we heard last night, it was incredible,” Ross described.  
Leaving behind anxiety that will be hard for these neighbors to shake.  
“We know that there is somebody out there with a military style weapon whose out to get somebody in our neighborhood and nobody is telling us anything. I’ll never feel the same in this house, which breaks my heart,” Huckeba cried. 

One victim is in non-critical condition, the victims condition is unknown. 

Neighbors say one of the suspect vehicles is a gray truck. 

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