Residents in Hermitage uneasy over rezoning request, engineer says its a misunderstanding

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HERMITAGE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s land in Hermitage that’s been zoned for development for years, but a recent plan to build hundreds of new townhomes in the Villages of Riverwood isn’t sitting well.

The engineer, Roy Dale, says it’s all a misunderstanding. Tyler Dahmen, a resident in the Villages of Riverwood community isn’t happy with the new proposal.

“This community is tightly packed already,” he said. Earlier this week he received a notice from the Metro Nashville Planning Department this week lettering him know there’s been a request to modify the neighborhood, Villages of Riverwood at Stonewater Dr. and that a public hearing will soon be held.

“I think people think this is a zone change request,” said Dale, CEO of Dale & Associates. “What they don’t get is the property is already zoned and already approved for a multi-story building with 2,000 beds, with hundreds of parking spaces and a lot of traffic.”

Dale said he, along with others in the industry are taking the plan for 776 assisted living units and exchanging it with a plan to build 210 townhomes.

“What’s going to happen is people will continue to move here and there’s going to be a higher demand for housing, so this is looking more toward the future,” said Dale.

Dahmen still isn’t thrilled.

“I think it’ll create a lot of traffic in the area and drive out some wildlife and decrease our home value having a higher population in the area,” said Dahmen. “I’d like to know what their plan is creating an atmosphere for wildlife that wouldn’t drive them away Dale argues traffic is a problem everywhere in Nashville and that, if anything, a new development will improve traffic because the developer will improve or expand the road.

“The property is already zoned,” said Dale, “Zoned years ago, it’s already approved for development. Development is going to occur but the plan that would be built would preserve more open space.

There are huge areas along the rive that are not being touched that would be preserved. The hearing has been moved from October 8 to 22. The Metro Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the Metro Council on this request and the council will make the final decision to approve or disapprove the request.

“Both the development on Dodson Chapel and the proposed development were approved in 2006-2007.  The developer is wanting to change the 750 unit assisted living area to 200 townhomes.  It is in the back of the development so I’m sure folks don’t want construction near them. It is happening everywhere in my district.”

Kevin Rhoten, Council Member, District 14

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