BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WKRN) – On Saturday, a special remembrance ride was held for fallen Brentwood police officer Destin Legieza.

Legieza was killed in June 2020 after a drunk driver crashed head-on into his patrol vehicle. To honor his memory, the Destin Legieza remembrance ride was created to advocate against impaired driving.

“If you got out and make that mistake and someone gets hurt or killed, you have to be held responsible for it,” event organizer Darren Barnes said. “To me, it’s not a rehabilitation thing, it’s you have to be held accountable thing and I don’t think the state of Tennessee has strong enough laws to do that.

The organization also would like to provide law enforcement with the equipment and training they need to have a team dedicated to getting impaired drivers off the street.

The driver who struck Legieza’s patrol car, Ashley Kroese, was convicted of killing Legieza and was given an eight-year sentence. She may only have to serve 30% of the term.