HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — For years, Trinity Music City was a popular destination for visitors looking for huge Christmas light attractions in Middle Tennessee.

Located in Hendersonville, Tennessee, it was the former home of country music star Conway Twitty, and known as Twitty City.

Twitty City sign 1994 (WKRN photo)

Trinity Broadcasting Company purchased the property in October 1994, about a year after the legendary entertainer passed away.

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A month later, around one million lights brightened the 30-acre estate, welcoming guests for the first time in a new capacity.

Trinity Music City sign 1994 (WKRN photo)

Trinity Music City, owned by Trinity Broadcasting Company, offered tours for visitors until 2016. It now goes by the name Huckabee Theater.

Huckabee Theater still records the Mike Huckabee show in front of a live studio audience.