FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s not an easy task to pick up a business of any size and move it somewhere. It takes timing and moving key employees and experts on the other end that know all the issues that may arise.

Relocation businesses are now thriving in Middle Tennessee as more and more companies and people move here each day.

“We’ve seen a large increase in calls to our department of companies that are relocating existing employees or hiring talent from outside to come here and fill positions here,” said Vice President of Zeitlin and Co., Paige Thompson.

Thompson, a 21-year-veteran of the industry, explained why the relocation business is revving up.

“It’s thriving, Nashville is the ‘it’ city’ and I see that continuing because it’s a great place to live, work, and play. Not having an income tax only helps,” she said.

Matt Largen, CEO of Williamson Inc., said one of the most important things for companies moving here is to make sure their talent is going with them.

“That’s why people like Paige and relocation experts become so important for us,” Largen explained.

Zeitlin and Co. serves all of Middle Tennessee, and one of the first questions clients ask is about area schools.

“The number one question that we typically get is how are the school systems,” said Thompson.

Growth creates growth –and it puts Middle Tennessee in a good spot moving forward.

“We are seeing a lot of the millennials moving into the urban core, in part thanks to the tech initiatives, such as the technology council and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center,” explained Thompson.

Though there are issues and potential setbacks companies wishing to move to the mid-state may face.

“The number one concern is traffic and affordable housing. As our housing prices increase, it’s driving people outside the city, so they’re having to commute longer times to get to their jobs, which may be located in another city,” Thompson told News 2.

The fact is that when Nashville is your draw, you have something that no other U.S. city can compete with.

“We’ve kept those core values and the culture, and I think that’s a draw to get a lot of companies to move here, as well as individuals. We just have a great culture here in Nashville, and while we have grown I don’t think we have lost that,” explained Thompson.

Zeitlin’s service goes beyond what you may think. They actually pair realtors and resources to a personal location manager for individuals within a company that are moving here. It’s a turnkey operation that only adds to the desire for other businesses to consider Middle Tennessee.Visit for more on our city’s epic growth.