CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — New information has been discovered in a decades-old murder case known as the “Redhead Murders.”

An Elizabethton High School teacher and his students could be on to a major break in the case.

The bodies of multiple women with red or reddish-brown hair were found discarded along interstates in the mid-1980s. 

Back in February, News 2 reported on the student’s findings in the “Redhead Murders” case.

“They’re definitely potential victims of a ‘Redhead Murder.’ Are they 100%? I don’t know,” said Alex Campbell, an Elizabethton High School teacher.

Now, Campbell, has identified three more victims potentially linked to the crimes of the “Bible Belt Strangler.”

“We found that there were two other victims that could be similar. We don’t have a ton of information. They are around Nashville, and also one in Cocke County and kind of Southeast Tennessee,” Campbell said.

The remains of one victim, a Jane Doe, were found in 1981 by two hunters near the Cheatham County Landfill in Pegram, about three miles from I-40.

Campbell said she was believed to be a hitchhiker.

“They’d been dead for a long time, maybe almost as much as a year. A lot of the evidence, of course, was gone, and they couldn’t get a lot of the details. They did say that she was between 15 and 20 years old. She was young; she was relatively small,” Campbell said.

(Source: Alex Campbell)

Campbell told News 2, two boys discovered a different victim in Robertson County, not far from I-65, in March 1979.

He said the woman had been dead for six to nine months before her remains were found.

“Just being close to other victims around Nashville, being found near an interstate, white, female. Those types of things all match the other victims,” Campbell said.

A possible third victim, Campbell said skeletal remains of a female were found in 1985 in Cocke County off of I-40.

“This one is the one that also just very, very little information. Jerry Johns was arrested on March 6, 1985. If the victim, even though they were found after that, if they had been dead a long time, they could have been killed in the same time frame,” Campbell said.

(Source: Alex Campbell)

All three of these cases have similarities to the other “Redhead Murder” victims.

“Found near interstates, sometimes right beside it and sometimes a little bit off, but always along or close to a major interstate. The race, the age, the size, the fact that they were probably transient and were not from where they were found, those things all match,” Campbell explained.

Multiple students working alongside their teacher have helped in this discovery as well.

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“The fact that someone, whether it is Jerry Johns or not, took that away from them is unfair, and it’s unright that these women, we don’t even know their names, and they can’t even be identified. So we find it really important to just bring justice to them and bring answers to their family,” said Reiley Whitson, a junior at Elizabethton High School.

Whitson said she and the other students are working to get a class started next year to be built into their schedule where they can solely focus on the unknown of the Redhead Murder victims.

Campbell said right now, there are more questions than answers.

“That’s the reason why you have to do the work when you can. Because every year that goes by, information is lost, people die, people forget, and evidence is destroyed as those things happen. It’s been 40 years, and we’re already in a bad enough situation,” he said.

Campbell said he and his students will continue their investigation into the next school year and hope to be able to identify at least one of the three potential victims.