Recruiters work around the clock to attract companies to the Volunteer State

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Middle Tennessee has seen some victories lately when it comes to attracting big companies like Amazon, LG Electronics, Hankook Tires.  

Did you know recruiters are working around the clock and across the world to make that happen?

News 2’s Neil Orne had a chance to learn more about the process when he sat down with the state’s economic and community development commissioner Bob Rolfe.

Rolfe said they take a couple of avenues to make that happen.

“The first is crossing the globe to bring companies to Tennessee.  We have 11 offices across the globe, 3 in Asia and 8 in Europe. That team is the group on the ground.  They are responsible for bringing leads to Tennessee.  And then it’s up to our team here to bring those leads into Tennessee.”

Tennessee has 95 counties and 80 of those are rural.  Governor Bill Lee has said his priority is to create economic prosperity across the volunteer state.

Rolfe said since Governor Lee took office the recruiting environment remains competitive.

“I believe for just about every product we are competing head to head with one of the adjoining states.  That requires us to be on our ‘A’ game, it also requires us to have corporate incentives.  I’m not going to spend time talking about what people deem corporate welfare. I would just say I’m grateful to a General Assembly who understands this and the great leadership of Gov. Lee because without those economic incentives I can promise you, those companies will look to our competing neighbors.”

So what gives Tennessee the edge? Incentives play a big role but Rolfe said companies fall in love with local communities too.

“Our job is to get companies to come and look at Tennessee, and it’s the local community’s job to close the transaction and that’s falling in love with the company and making sure the company falls in love with the community,” said Rolfe.

Another challenge areas face when it comes to recruiting businesses is making sure the workforce does exist.

You can hear more about how the state’s economic and community development department is addressing the issue in the full interview with Neil Orne.

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