MOUNT JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) – Wilson County residents Trevor Morris and Melissa Funke say their peaceful properties have been plagued with piles caused by problematic plumbing.

“This is where it flows down right here,” Morris said, pointing to the edge of his property—mucky mud saturated with soppy sewer ponds, filling the air with unpleasantries.

“We’ll be out back grilling and all you can smell is sewer,” said Funke.

Those on Bellwood Drive in Mt. Juliet say the issue started when a single-family home was licensed by the state as a Mental Health Adult Supportive residence. The website indicates it’s an 8-bed facility.

“It’s only perked for three bedrooms and a certain amount of people. When you have 8-10 people living there, it totally builds up that amount of water usage and waste usage,” Funke explained.

Watching the septic tank bubble over, they too have reached capacity. Both have tried for years to have the issue resolved, providing News 2 with emails that date back to 2018 showing contact with county and state officials with no solid plan of action.

Mt. Juliet sewage runoff
(WKRN photo)

“It’s disheartening,” Morris said, “we have a beautiful property that we’d love to enjoy, and we can’t.”

Public documents filed in January 2022 show the home is approved and permitted for 450 gallons of water a day. Records provided indicate the highest day usage topped off at 713 gallons.

“They’re obviously aware there’s a major issue,” Funke said, “I guess what I’m trying to figure out is why is it taking so long for someone to come in and just dig it up and fix it?”

Currently, the overflow spills into a stream that feeds directly into Old Hickory Lake.

Mt. Juliet sewage runoff
(WKRN photo)

“For people who are jumping in the lake a half a mile away from here, they don’t know what’s going into the water,” Morris said.

News 2 attempted to reach the property’s owner. As of Tuesday afternoon, we had not heard back.

“We don’t have an issue with them living here. I’d be happy for them to stay here. I don’t want them to be finically hurt. I don’t want any of those things,” Morris said. “I just don’t want their sewage on my property.”

News 2 also reached out to local and state officials, but availability for response has likely been affected due to Tuesday being election day.

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We did hear back from the Wilson County Planning Director who explained this issue has been elevated to the state level and he believes measures to enforce corrective action by the property owner have been taken.

News 2 will continue to follow this story.