FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Franklin Police Department is working to identify children who were allegedly drugged and raped by a soccer coach after video footage of the attacks was discovered on the man’s phone.

Camilo Hurtado Campos, who police described as a popular soccer coach, has lived in Franklin for the last 20 years, splitting that time between Hill Estates and, most recently, on Glass Lane in the downtown area.

Residents of Glass Lane told News 2 Campos lived across from the soccer fields, between Liberty Elementary School and Freedom Intermediate School.

“Each one of the homes that he’s lived at in Franklin over the past 20 years, two different homes, each one of those had a frightening proximity to school playgrounds and soccer fields that kids frequented with great regularity,” said Lt. Charles Warner of the Franklin Police Department. “There is no doubt that there are going to be additional victims who come forward when they see this. We want to provide them help, stepping into the next season of their lives.”

School playgrounds in the Hill Estates and Glass Lane neighborhoods are where investigators said Campos would approach kids, recruit them as players on his soccer team, and invite them to his home, where police said they were allegedly drugged and raped.

“It was a mixture. It was a variety of different drugs that he was using, but they were potent and powerful enough in the combinations that he was giving to them that it rendered them in a dangerously comatose state. What’s been described to me by the people that are reviewing these videos and these images is that these kids are like ragdolls; they’re comatose and just completely lethargic,” Warner said.

Investigators said Campos had the children in such an altered state that they may not remember the horrific turn of events.

“In fact, we’ve identified one that that is the case, that they had no idea that they were a victim,” Warner stated. 

Investigators said they have uncovered 10 brutal rapes on Campos’ phone. The victims are boys ages 9 to 17, but Warner said the evidence is still mounting.

“It’s been tireless. The detectives so far have identified the brutal rapes of 10, at least 10 children so far on video. We’re blessed that two of those children have been identified and we are moving forward with trying to get the rest of them identified,” Warner said. “I guess that our number one priority, really, at this point is identify the rest of those children, identify additional children that we don’t even know about yet, because of the mountains of evidence that we’re still going through. It’s extremely tedious.”

Arrest warrants show one of the victims was raped twice, in June 2020 and October 2021, when the victim was 9 and 10 years old.

“This is by far one of the most egregious and disturbing cases of child sex abuse that the department and our community has seen. I think that as time goes on and we continue to scour through evidence, we’re going to uncover even more horrific things. It’s important if your child was associated with, if you knew the suspect, if you lived nearby the suspect, if you had any inclination whatsoever that your child may have had contact, even if it was not illegal or egregious contact, it’s important that we hear from you. If your child wasn’t a victim, it’s possible that you or your child may be able to help us identify other kids who were,” Warner explained. 

Investigators said the crimes happened over a number of years, with details that are difficult even for investigators to wrap their minds around.

“The things that have just been described to me as a 25-year police officer and dad for the majority of those 25 years is unraveling, more so than you can probably even imagine,” Warner admitted.

Franklin police said Campos didn’t work for any local schools, calling his affiliation with leagues and clubs “ambiguous.”

If you or your child had any association with Campos over the years, especially if he has been your child’s coach, you are encouraged to contact the Franklin Police Department by calling 615-794-2513 or emailing