Rabbit dumping season not slowing down

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.(WKRN) – Too often rabbits get discarded after Easter.

That dumping season usually slows down at the end of summer, but this year, that hasn’t been the case, according to a local rabbit rescue.

A French Lop once homed is now looking for new human parents.

“He was just a discarded Easter rabbit, unfortunately,” said Laurie Montgomery, Founder of non-profit Bunny Rescue Nashville. “Dumping season technically starts the day after Easter and it goes all the way through the end of summer.”

It’s around this time when the influx of rabbits at the Columbia Shelter is supposed to slow down, but Montgomery said that hasn’t been the case.

“Right now it’s kind of dragging on because we’re still getting tons of calls,” said Montgomery.

About 25 calls a day and counting to be exact – Montgomery said it’s been a lot for her and her team of volunteers.

“It’s much heavier and I think it’s because of social media,” she said. “We can get the word out thanks to social media, but at the same time, social media can be a curse in that thousands and thousands of people know about it, so we get thousands and thousands of calls.”

The non-profit, in some ways, a known Plan B for folks who decide their Easter impulse wasn’t such a good idea.

“A rabbit is a high maintenance animal,” said Montgomery.

The problem, Montgomery said, is backyard breeders.

“They are perpetuating lots of misconceptions about rabbits and one of them is the myth that rabbits make great pets for children,” said she said. “They make terrible pets for children.”

But they can make good pets under the right care.

Montgomery said that’s why her non-profit tries to help rabbit parents with baby hops that reiterate the basics.

“There’s really no bunny problem that can’t be fixed,” said Montgomery.

To foster or adopt from Bunny Rescue Nashville:
(615) 260-3808

To donate to Bunny Rescue Nashville:
PayPal – bunnyrescue2@me.com
Venmo – @Bunny-Rescue

Pet rabbit tips – What you’ll need:
-circle pen
-large cat litter box
-piece of carpet
-two heavy flat bottom bowls
-supply of grass hay
-white vinegar for clean up
-chew toys

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