Quick thinking saves teenager’s life during crash with semi

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) Police say an incredibly close call in Rutherford County ended with a “miraculous outcome.” Nearby surveillance video of a crash is proof that this story almost had a very different ending.

You have heard the saying, “every second counts.”  In this case, all four seconds really did.

Along a stretch of busy northwest Broad Street earlier this week, there was an outcome no one expected after a Chevrolet Impala crashed into a semi-truck, becoming wedged underneath.

“The roof of the car collapsed, and he was trapped inside,” said Larry Flowers — Murfreesboro Police Public Information Officer. “Miraculously, he walked from the car over to the stretcher and sat down.  He only suffered minor injuries — a cut to his ear and a small laceration to his head.”

Surveillance video from a car lot nearby shows the semi pull out and the collision happen.

So how did the car’s driver survive? 

The 16-year-old thought fast. He had four seconds to react. 

“The teenager told officers at the scene that moments before impact, he actually leaned over to the passenger seat and with him leaning, that way, of course, his head wasn’t exposed and that he could have clearly saved his life,” Flowers said.

Murfreesboro police say even if he did try to hit the brakes, the wet roads that day would have hindered the teen’s attempt.

“This 16-year-old had seconds, literally seconds, before impact,” Flowers said. “The decision he made to lean over into the passenger seat may as well saved his life.”

Murfreesboro police say both drivers were cited.

The truck driver was cited for failure to yield, while the teenager was cited for driving without a license.

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