Purse snatcher strikes in Green Hills office space

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Nashville woman is hoping for justice after her purse was allegedly stolen at her office in Green Hills.

“I feel violated,” said Rachel Macys. “I didn’t sleep well that night.

That nightmare began around two Tuesday afternoon.

“I came in, set my things down on the table,” said Mays.

About 45 minutes later, Mays noticed something was missing.

Her work meeting inside the Vertis building in Green Hills was just wrapping up.

“As I got up to go to my desk, back in my office area, I was like where is my purse?” said Mays.

Mays then searched high and low.

“I’m like it’s not by the coffee, not by the desk,” she said. “Looked everywhere before troubling anybody to roll back footage.”

Turns out, getting that surveillance solved the mystery.

It showed the suspect entering the empty conference room around 2:20 pm.

“He sees the purse, picks it up, slips it under his shirt, and boom down the hall,” said Mays.

Inside her purse were multiple keys to her home and car that Mays said will cost about $1,000 to replace.

“It’s like gut-wrenching, plus I’m there to work, not do this, and everybody is there to work,” she said.

Mays said the suspect likely snatched her purse when she stepped away for coffee.

“He was clearly casing out the place and didn’t know it was there. He just got lucky.

A crime of opportunity, Mays said is becoming more common in an ever-growing Nashville.

“I don’t think we’re safe anywhere and we just have to know that there’s people like this everywhere,” she said. “Never feel too safe. Always be aware.”

Mays filed a police report and is hopeful the suspect will be caught.

The property owners said they have alerted the other tenants in the building.

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