Proposed scooter ban fails at Metro Council’s final meeting this term

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro Council voted 24 to 7 against a proposed scooter ban Tuesday evening at the final meeting of this term.

The proposed ordinance would have banned all scooters within the area of downtown Nashville and Davidson County.

Recently, Mayor David Briley urged council members to vote in favor of the ban.

“There’s no stunt here. What it is, is again, we rushed into something that we were premature on without fully understanding,” said District 12 Council Member, Steve Glover. “We didn’t comprehend it. We didn’t do it properly, and with that it created an even greater strain on our police, and our fire, our EMTs, after we’re already short staffed.”

In opposition of the ban, District 7 Council Member Anthony Davis said, “We have the companies working on it. We’ve taken half off the road, employees are moving them into the corrals. We’re continuing to see progress, and let’s just reset on it for next term having accomplished something that hopefully will put it on a better path here.”

Metro Council passed new scooter rules last month. The number of scooters were cut in half. In addition, the city recently passed rules to ban riding late at night.

Thousands of scooters arrived in Nashville last summer and have been largely embraced, though some have voiced concerns about sidewalk and rider safety. Others have pointed out that people with disabilities have to navigate around the e-scooters, which are often left splayed across sidewalks.

Eventually, only three scooter companies will be allowed to be in Nashville.

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