NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The National Weather Service briefed all Middle Tennessee electric companies ahead of this weekend’s expected winter weather. Though it is predicted that many of us will only see snow, ice and/or freezing rain is still a possibility.

If that’s the case, we could see widespread power outages.

“We do our best to prepare, and unfortunately we’re getting a lot of practice,” Jennifer Brogdon, General Manager and CEO of Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation said.

They say practice makes perfect, but there’s no telling what type of mess Sunday’s storm will bring.

“In the event of heavy, wet snow, we will have some wires down on the ground. Assume they’re live,” Brogdon said.

In the event you come across downed power lines, stay away and call your electric company to alert them as soon as possible.

“Heavy, wet snow is not our worst enemy, but it’s not our friend either and so we are preparing for some outages and we think our members should prepare for some outages,” Brogdon said.

She also says the worst case scenario here involves ice, which can coat powerlines, and their system is only designed to withstand about a quarter inch of ice. However, they are prepared, and are asking the public to be prepared as well.

“We have called in a few crews to come in on Saturday and be in ready position in the event we need them. We will have crews stationed in Gordonsville and Cookeville so they can go to whatever territory needs assistance,’ Brogdon said.

These men and women will then work around the clock to restore power if needed. They’re asking you watch out for them on the roads, especially if they’re icy.