PORTLAND, Tenn. (WKRN) — Portland Pizza and Pub isn’t only known for its pies and beer, but its compassion, and employees’ latest effort to fundraise for the family of a 14-year-old girl who died in a golf cart accident July 2 is proof.

Alexis Simpson, from Portland, was in a golf cart accident in Franklin, KY, early last month. She was rushed to Sumner Regional Medical Center where she died.

When staff at Portland Pizza and Pub found out about her death, they began collecting money for the teen’s family, because her grandmother has been out of work since the incident, and her grandfather is a disabled veteran.

“It affects us as a community when something happens to somebody because you take on a piece of that pain,” Greg Galvin, the restaurant’s kitchen manager said.

Simpson’s picture is taped to the front of a vase that sits on Portland Pizza and Pub’s counter where customers order and pay for their food. There is a sign encouraging people to donate.

“Every penny helps,” it reads.

The restaurant also hosted a benefit for Simpson Sunday night.

General Manager Vanessa Beair told News 2 it’s typical of people in Portland to offer support when a community member experiences tragedy.

“I was not born and raised here, but I moved here in 2002, and I’ve never seen anything like how close this community is and how much the community pulls together for each other,” Beair said.

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“If I woke up today and found out my son or little girl was gone, I would need and want all the help I could get,” Galvin said. “I would hope with everything that I’ve done in the community, that the community would get together and help me. So, there really is no other option. The only option is to band together and help.”

Portland Pizza and Pub will host another benefit for Simpson’s family next Saturday, Aug. 13, which will take place all day. The restaurant will donate 10% of its sales to the family and accept direct donations to the family.