PORTLAND, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Portland couple is thanking first responders who helped deliver their baby boy after they couldn’t make it to the hospital.  

Baby Jack peacefully laid in his brother Cameron’s arms as he was welcomed home from the hospital Monday.  

“I just knew that he’s coming right now, and sure enough he was already there by the time EMS was up the driveway,” Portland mom Kelli Simpson said.  

Kelli said her contractions started Friday, even though she wasn’t due for several more weeks. She and her husband, Richard, were about to leave for the hospital when her water broke in their garage. After calling 911, some familiar faces from the Portland Fire Department showed up.  

“Thankfully, two of the five that showed up we’ve known for a long time. So, very thankful for them, all of them, but he was already on his way out by the time they were coming up the driveway with the cot. So as soon as they put me on the cot, he was out,” Kelli recalled.  

Portland fire captain and friend of the Simpsons, Isaac Reynolds, said although he had been trained for the situation, this was a call unlike any he’s seen in his 20 years of firefighting.  

“Just hearing the baby cry, you knew everything was okay, so that eased everybody up some,” Reynolds said. “Afterwards, just knowing that you were a part of that and knowing that they’re okay now, there’s not a feeling like it.” 

Those intense moments are ones Reynolds won’t soon forget. 

“You look at us like look at these men fighting these fires, something like that. I don’t care what kind of a man you say you are, it tugs at your heart,” Reynolds explained. 

There’s still debate over who was more surprised by Jack’s entrance into the world. 

“They came around the corner, I think they might’ve been a little bit more shocked than we were at the time to realize who it was and what was going on,” Richard said.  

Kelli and Richard planned to stop by the Portland Fire Department Monday afternoon to reintroduce Jack and drop off a gift for the firefighters.   

“Just great, [he’s] happy, healthy, that’s all I could ask for,” Richard said, looking down at Jack. 

Jack was born weighing six pounds, 10.3 ounces, and although he did come several weeks early, doctors say he’s healthy and doing great.