Police investigating road rage situation in Murfreesboro

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – About three to four times a week, Tyler Milliner rides down Medical Center Parkway.  

But on May 20, things got intense.  

“My life was in danger,” Milliner said. “This could have been a whole different situation.”  

He was with two other riders when he says a driver cut them off. 

“A girl that was riding with us in the back, she got cut off by a vehicle,” Milliner said. “That same vehicle almost rear-ended me at the stoplight.”  

That led to an argument, according to Milliner. 

“I got off my bike to approach the vehicle,” he said. “You know ‘watch your mirrors’ ‘stay off your phone,'” he said.  

According to the police report, the driver pulled out a gun. 

“It was very serious,” Milliner said. “There’s nothing so important that it’s worth taking somebody’s life over.”  

He says they rode off, but the driver started following them. 

“I was on guard for about the next 15 to 20 minutes,” Milliner said.  

Since January, there’ve been 83 road rage incidents reported in Rutherford County. Many of them turn violent.  

In 2015, a man was shot in the stomach in Murfreesboro after passing another driver and getting into an argument. 

In February, a man shot into a couple’s car on Vietnam Veterans Parkway in Goodlettsville.  
The bullet passed through the door and into the back seat. 

Police say it’s best not to confront other drivers. Looking back, Milliner says he could’ve done things differently. 

“It could have been handled better on both parties,” Milliner said. 

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