LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — An investigation is underway after an illegal drug commonly known as Zaza was discovered in a cabinet at a Lebanon convenience store.   

“This particular one, this Zaza, has become very popular here as of late. It’s a highly, highly addictive drug,” said Lt. PJ Hardy, the public information officer for the Lebanon Police Department.

Hardy said Zaza — also known as Tianeptine — is a synthetic drug that resembles an opioid.

“It is to mimic anti-depressants that might be on the market. That’s what it’s designed for, is to mimic the same type of effects,” Hardy explained. 

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, authorities said 28 bottles of Zaza were seized at the Kwik-Sack on East High Street in Lebanon. On top of that, nearly 400 individually packaged prescription pills were discovered.

“Now, these items were found, not on the counter, not out for display, but in a place that was behind the counter that was obviously meant to be sold outside of the normal business process,” said Hardy. 

According to the lieutenant, the resale clearly has been through word of mouth.

Last year, the state legislature made the drug illegal, which is something the Lebanon Police Department had been pushing for, Hardy said.

“It became illegal as of last year, and so there was plenty of notification given by the state to all of these shops and vendors to let them know that, ‘Hey, this is no longer allowed,’” he explained.

At this time, no one has been arrested. However, Hardy told News 2 the investigation is still ongoing and charges are pending.   

He also said police in Lebanon are building a case and plan to present it to the grand jury in the near future.