Police developing plan to stop illegal street racing in Two Rivers Park

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Illegal car stunts have been taking over a Metro park and now a plan is in the works to stop them. 

Skid marks cover the parking lot at Two Rivers Park, outside of Wave Country. 

“There is all kinds of skid marks, there is doughnut marks from people doing donuts you can see, you can see them I mean they are all over the place,” said Sharon Ferrara. 

She lives nearly three miles away but says she can still hear the cars. 

“The mufflers are very loud if they have any.” 

Metro Park Police say it’s been an issue for more than a year. They’ve been working with Councilman Jeff Syracuse on a plan. 

“Where obviously they crossed the line was getting on park property after hours and causing huge disruptions for surrounding neighbors,” Syracuse explained. 

He says not only are they performing stunts, but they are racing on the streets. 

“They are all vehicles and some motorcycles, and they are kind of racing there and then racing on Briley Parkway,” said Syracuse.  

It puts others’ lives in danger said Ferrara.  

“They are drag racing, big time. It seems a little dangerous to me.” 

Ferrara says the park now keeps the parking lot lights on at night and that seems to have deterred the group of around 100 that once met up every Saturday night at 10:30. 

“I mean this is a park, it’s a public park but it’s not a park for drag racing.” 

Syracuse says he talked with one car club who says they want to be legitimate; a move Ferrara supports. 

“If they want to do it, they should go in a place that is supervised with a permit,” said Ferrara. 

Syracuse says they have been looking at infrastructure improvements that would restrict the cars from getting on the property like boulders and gates. However, park police tell us it would cost about $40,000 and they don’t have that in the budget right now. 

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