Pleasant View residents raise funds for child after cancer diagnosis

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PLEASANT VIEW, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Middle Tennessee community is raising tens of thousands of dollars for a little boy living with cancer.

Ethan Shaw is 2-years-old and was diagnosed with terminal cancer called ETMR.

In a Facebook group, his mother said the side effects alone of chemotherapy could kill him so they found a facility offering help with medication. But, it’s outside of their insurance and costs thousands of dollars per month.

That’s when people in Pleasant View started an online auction to raise money for his family.

“I could not sleep and I was laying in bed and I just kept thinking here is a little two-year-old boy and how hard must that be as parents to watch him go through what he’s going through and then also to have this burden of $17,000 a month in treatments,” said Lindsey Carney, who then led the effort to start the auction with the help of others in the community.

After starting the online auction less than a month ago, local businesses in Pleasant View have helped raise $31,674 dollars.

“It has been incredible to be able to watch this and it’s been very moving because we’re talking small town,” said Carney. “It’s your hairdresser messaging and saying hey can I put together a basket of hair care products to be auctioned off and it’s your local mechanic saying I’ll do an oil change and a tune-up and it’s people offering their services and just really rallying around a family that it could be any of us. It’s been really special to watch.”

You can search “Ethan Shaw Online Auction” on Facebook for more information.

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