PLEASANT VIEW, Tenn. (WKRN) — A man convicted for murder and out on parole led Cheatham County authorities on a dangerous chase.

It began Sunday, June 26, as a Chevy Malibu passed a Pleasant View officer at 98 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone.

The car was driven by convicted homicide suspect Brandon Smith, who served time in prison for killing a 20-year-old Nashville woman in 2009.

Dashcam video showed the 33-year-old driving dangerously, crossing the double yellow and forcing cars off the road.

At one point, the ex-con drove through a grassy field before getting back on the road and driving recklessly.

After several minutes, Cheatham County deputies joined the chase, setting up spike strips. Deputies deployed the spikes and deflated two left-side tires.

Still, Smith continued his reckless driving, even with his tire coming apart.

As Smith attempted to go around slower traffic, he hit a motorist.

Thinking the felon’s car was disabled, the Pleasant View officer got out of his car to attempt the arrest.

What happens next was not on camera, but that’s when investigators said Smith drove his car at the cop, who feared for his life and fired one round at smith. The shot missed, and Smith continued his reckless driving with deputies in hot pursuit.

When asked why his officer fired a shot, Chief Tad Wheeler told News 2, “He perceived that as a threat to himself and the public and he fired one round.”

A few moments later, Smith led officers onto I-24 where they attempted to box him in.

Smith struck a Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office cruiser and spun onto the grassy shoulder. His car began to catch on fire with heavy smoke.

Bodycam video from the deputies showed the dramatic moments that came next.

With smoke pouring out of the crashed Malibu, officers approached the car, guns drawn, concerned about their own well-being, but also now concerned with getting the ex-con out of the car and clearing the burning car.

When Smith didn’t exit the car, officers broke out the glass and dragged the felon to safety as the car burst into flames.

“Put him in cuffs away from the vehicle,” one deputy yelled.

At one point, officers asked Smith why he ran.

Deputy: “Why you running, man?”

Smith: “Scared.”

Deputy: “Of what, man?”

Smith: “I just told myself… [unintelligible].”

Deputy: “So, then you ram my car?”

Smith: “[Unintelligible]”

Deputy: “And you wrecked. You hit my car bro. It’s all on video.”

Chief Wheeler told News 2, supervisors were monitoring the chase and authorized it to protect the officers and the public.

“I felt like, based on what I was given, this was a definite threat to the public,” Chief Wheeler said. “We got a bad guy off the street who definitely was a danger to countless people.”

Smith is in the Cheatham County Jail, charged with multiple felonies, including aggravated assault on a police officer and evading arrest.

Smith refused multiple requests for an interview to comment on this story.

News 2 contacted the Department of Correction on Smith’s parole status. An official writes, in part:

Mr. Smith’s parole was later revoked following a May 28, 2020 revocation hearing due to a technical violation and was ordered complete a technical violators diversion prior to being re-released to parole supervision by the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC). His parole certificate was issued Feb. 18. 2021.

Last month’s police chase has been reviewed by both the Pleasant View Police and the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department. According to the investigation, the officers acted properly and no disciplinary action was taken.

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“He was driving recklessly. Because of the risk to the public, we were obligated to do something to protect the public,” said Lt. Ken Miller. “If we chase, we are giving warning to people something dangerous is coming. If there are no blue lights, they don’t know he is there till he hits them.”