NOLENSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Plans to help ease a traffic-choked portion of Nolensville Road are in the works, as the area sees bumper-to-bumper traffic during peak travel hours.

Nolensville Town Manager Victor Lay said their vision is to create a three lane cross section with a bike path and sidewalk. He said widening the road could create better traffic flow.

“We’ve done the analysis on what the traffic projections are,” said Lay. “At least for the interim, that three lane intersection is what will get us by.”

Lay said the plan will honor Nolensville’s small town feel while supporting the necessary growth.

“We like the small town charm that Nolensville has,” said Lay. “We think the three lane cross section really fits what we envision the town to be at least through the midterm.”

He said one of Nolensville’s challenges is only having one major road; however, Lay noted they are not looking to build another major road since Nolensville Road drives people through the main commercial area.

Lay said they are also looking to create connectivity for residents to travel through town without needing to use Nolensville Road.

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“Our idea is that if we’re connecting all the neighborhoods, then we’re not just turning around and funneling traffic in one direction through one neighborhood,” said Lay.

Right now, they’re in the planning stages, identifying the most impacted areas. Lay said it will be years before the public sees physical changes to the infrastructure.

“The fact is that these projects take a long time,” said Lay. “Our goal would be that, if we could have something ready for TDOT or somebody else to fund the construction in five to seven years, we’ve really pushed this as quickly as we can.” 

  • Year One: Data Collection & Concept
  • Year Two & Three: Environmental Work
  • Year Four & Five: Right-away Design & Acquisition

“We have to make sure we follow all of the standards all the way through,” said Lay. “Some of those standards take a long time to get through.”

In the meantime, Lay said they’re working to create short term improvements at some intersections.

“That, in turn, will help the main line,” said Lay.

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Lay said it’s unclear at this point if the expansion will impact residential or commercial property on the side of the roadway.

“That is always a concern and that’s why we’re in the concept phase right now,” said Lay. “We’ll find out really quickly if we’re going to be encroaching on a commercial area’s parking lot or somebody’s front door.”

Until then, they ask for drivers patience on their daily commutes.