NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Many Americans briefly experienced a sky of darkness on Saturday, Oct. 14 thanks to a rare weather phenomenon.

The phenomenon, referred to as the “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse, took place after the sun and moon aligned in what is called an annular solar eclipse.

According to News 2’s Meteorologist Marcus Bagwell, during an annular eclipse, the moon is at its farthest distance from Earth, creating a ring around the moon as the sun shines (a ring of fire), thus making it dark for a period of time.

The path of totality moved across the West Coast and down into Texas. Unfortunately, clouds covered the view for many Middle Tennesseans, but a few were able to snap photos of the eclipse during its peak.

  • Solar eclipse in Clarksville

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Scientists said the best way to view the weather event was to wear special eclipse glasses. In fact, you will need the same special glasses to view an upcoming total solar eclipse occurring in April 2024!

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