NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A petition in Nashville aims to recall a new property tax hike.

The grassroots organization, No Tax 4 Nash, is hoping to get a second look at the 34 percent increase passed this week.

The group needs 68,000 signatures in order to have Mayor John Cooper and at-large Metro Council-members review the tax increase. Businesses and homeowners upset with the new budget say the property tax hike will cost them thousands of extra dollars next year.

Spokesperson Michelle Foreman is afraid of what the decision could do to small businesses.

“Most people that I talk to say that they are already looking to move out to outside Davidson County. I think they may be waiting to see how it hits their pocket, but they’re already looking. And again, that’s individuals whether that’s rent, or whether they own, or whether they own a business,” said Foreman.

The group needs to collect all the necessary signatures within the next 30 days in order to demand a recall.

“The economic impact is going to be something, that, again, we are not going to be able to fully calculate and appreciate until it’s too late,” said Foreman, “And then we’re talking about more tax increase and more tax increase. So again, that’s un-calcuable but it does not look good.”