People salvage what’s left of apartments, businesses after fire rips through East Nashville warehouse

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NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — Sunday afternoon, people picked through pieces of rubble searching for salvageable items after a fire ripped through a mixed-use warehouse in East Nashville.

The billowing smoke started pouring out of the big building on West Kirkland Avenue late Saturday night.

Joshua Williams and his roommate, Owen Reich, lived upstairs and barely made it out. Reich told News 2 Saturday night Nashville firefighters rescued him from the roof.

“I was up there trapped and couldn’t get out through the front door, so I climbed out the window onto the roof and got down with the firefighter’s ladder,” said Reich.

“I was hearing these weird noises, so I opened my door and walked into a huge cloud of smoke,” said Williams.

One of Reich’s dogs didn’t make it out, but the Nashville Fire Department reported no other injuries.

A man showed News 2 inside his CBD extraction facility on the bottom floor of the complex, which he says is a total loss. Sunday afternoon, he gathered up what he could and loaded it into his truck, while an American Red Cross van pulled into the parking lot to help those that lost their homes to the flames.

Williams also lost his baking business that he was in the process of launching.

“Just got a nice commercial mixer. I hadn’t even used yet, I just moved it up there. A lot of stainless steel tables,” said Williams.

Though the flames are extinguished, those affected by the massive blaze still have some burning questions, like how did this happen? The Nashville Fire Department said it is still under investigation.

The man from the CBD store said if someone did this on purpose, he hopes the security cameras from surrounding businesses bring them some answers.

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