HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Parents lined up Tuesday night to fight over banning a book in a Sumner County school library.

The school staff says it should stay. A parent says it’s not age appropriate.

The appeal went to Sumner County School Board.

No decision was made because there was not a majority vote. The school board says they will discuss this item at the next meeting.

As for now, the book will stay on the school library shelves.

“A place Inside of Me” is on the shelves of Jack Anderson Elementary’s library.

The book explores the emotions of a young Black boy after a girl in his community is killed by police.

Sarah Kearney, a Sumner County parent, requested that the book be banned from library shelves after her six-year-old son brought the book home.

“Probably my number one reason for not liking this book is because I do not want my son to treat people differently because they have a different color skin not because I am a racist,” Kearney said. “I would love nothing more than for every single one of us to go outside and pray together and have a group hug and figure out how we can make this work for all of our children.”

More than a dozen people told the school board it’s a slippery slope to let a single voice dictate what an entire library looks like.

“It’s important that we keep it on shelves so not only young kids but old kids can learn how to deal with trauma and emotional and different things like this because we all go through it,” said one Sumner County resident. “Our students need this book because reading increases empathy, poetry is therapeutic, it helps us see other people understand our own and others’ experiences.”

Some say it’s not age appropriate.

One woman believes an elementary school student should not be exposed to the sort of violence in the book.

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“I don’t want my kids seeing the violence in this book that I have been exposed. I don’t want my kids feeling like they are victims. I don’t want to think they have brown skin. these books are divisive.”