Parents in Green Hills look to make school bus safety a priority

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Speeding drivers blowing around school buses and nearly hitting children is what a mom says is happening in her Green Hills neighborhood every day. 

Woodmont Lane is a short stretch of road, but neighbors say drivers are treating it like a raceway as they turn off Abbott Martin and cut through to Woodmont Boulevard. 

“They turn in to Dale Earnhardt and just try to get to the circle as fast as possible,” Heather Helton told News 2.  

She has had enough.  

“The speeding is just out of control.” 

Putting lives like her son Jude’s at risk. 

“In the morning I see cars just like flashing by,” Jude explained.  

The 9-year-old says he was recently nearly hit by a SUV. 

“They almost ran over my toes, like half a centimeter away,” said Jude.  

Every morning Helton stands outside with her neon kid alert sign asking drivers to slow down. 

“I’ve had to become a traffic cop essentially,” said the concerned mother.  

She has made numerous efforts for years now to get someone to help. 

“I’ve contacted cops and metro and just kind of stuck,” she explained. 

Helton says they have made some efforts like putting the speed limit on the roadway and installing traffic calming signs, but it’s not slowing down the speeders. 

“It’s not just morning hours, after work, after school,” she said.  

Her son points out that there are a number of kids that play in the area as well.  

“Please slow down because half of this street, more than half of this street, is filled with kids and they are mostly younger than 15,” said Jude. 

He adds that their future is important. 

“They should just slow down for us kids because we don’t want our lives to be short, we want it to be long so we can do more stuff in our lives. 

If you have concerns about traffic and or speeding in your neighborhood, you have a few days left to submit an application to Metro Public Works. The traffic calming program will close their application window on Tuesday. To find out more, click here

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