NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Brent Coursey says it hurts to see what’s left of his lumber business.

“In a matter of one day, it was gone,” Coursey said. “The first two days I was in shock, the third day I was just sad.”

He owns Woodstock Vintage Lumber in Nashville, a business that went up in flames Monday night. The building and everything inside was destroyed.

“Total shock, disbelief,” he said.

Coursey’s business has been a staple in Middle Tennessee for nearly 25 years.

“Started with a truck and trailer in 1996,” he said.

Coursey turns lumber into handmade guitars, furniture, and other items.

“Tabletops, countertops, structural beams that went in ceilings,” he said.

Some of his work has been found in the homes of celebrities.

“We did Taylor Swift’s condo here in town,” he said.

Between losing his building, machines, computers, and other materials, Coursey says he’s looking at an $800,000 loss.

For now, he doesn’t plan to rebuild.

“I’m an old man,” Coursey said. “I don’t know if me rebuilding the shop makes sense at this age.”

Firefighters still don’t know what started the blaze.

But Coursey says after nearly 25 years, he’s just grateful he’s been able to serve his community.

“We’ve had a good long run,” Coursey said. “It’s been fun.”