NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A couple hundred students in Wilson County took part in Monday’s walk out, with some heading to the Tennessee State Capitol asking for gun reform.   

Around 200 students were excused from class at Green Hill High School with parental consent.

“We just walked out of the school at the same time the shooting happened last week,” Molly Woods said. 

It was 10:13 a.m. when the first 911 call was made about an active shooter at The Covenant School on Monday, March 27

Six people were killed before Metro police officers were able to take down the shooter.  

“I personally was 10 minutes away from it when it happened. So hearing about it and being as close as I was, it was very scary for me,” Woods said. 

On Monday, April 3, Woods and her friends walked out of Green Hill High School with signs in hand.   

“My life means more than your guns. It’s basically saying it’s more important to put legislation in that is protecting us,” Woods said. 

These students stood in solidarity with a few thousand Tennesseans at the state Capitol on Monday, all asking for gun reform.   

“It shows no matter where you are at, even if you are not in Nashville you can do something about it, too,” Catherine Moore said.  

“I think it’s really important for everyone making these laws to see how many people are being affected by what is going on and how they are lacking in protection with guns,” Woods said.

The Wilson County School Board is also holding a meeting Monday night.

Sheriff Robert Bryan is expected to answer any questions and concerns and possibly tweak some safety policy and procedures.    

Wilson County was one of the first schools in the state to implement an SRO on every school campus.