WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – More than 100 animals were rescued from a Wilson County home Tuesday morning. 

Cats, dogs, and chickens were rescued from a home off Walnut Hill Road. 

Investigators described the deplorable conditions inside the house, saying animals were living in their own waste and in extremely high ammonia levels. Many of the animals did not have any access to food or water. 

“This is systemic, this is intentional, and this is for profit,” said Michael Cunningham, the public information officer for Animal Rescue Corps. “The animals are found in very small travel crates, multiple animals in each one.”

Cunningham added ammonia levels were equivalent to a meth lab in one area where the animals were kept. 

“Not all injuries to animals are on the outside; sometimes it is inside as well. Their liver is metabolizing all of this ammonia,” Cunningham said. 

According to Cunningham, the conditions are even dangerous for those rescuing the animals.   

“We wear respirators to filter out the ammonia so it still goes through in our skin and eyes; it is instantly burning,” Cunningham said. 

Veterinarians were on site Tuesday to immediately care for the animals.

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“Their wellbeing is not a consideration; it is all about multiplying and selling the puppies. So, they don’t care about the breeding stock which you have here; they care about the cash that they get for the puppies,” Cunningham said. 

The animals will go to the Animal Rescue Corps facility in Gallatin where they will get all of their vaccinations.  

The investigation will be processed as a criminal case. Those responsible will be charged with animal cruelty for every animal in bad shape.