CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — According to Cheatham County drug agents, most heroin and fentanyl entering the county come in from Davidson County—usually along backroads.

To combat the influx of narcotics and contraband, Cheatham Officers enacted Operation Zero Tolerance this weekend. The idea is simple—Aggressive traffic enforcement in the eastern part of the county, targeting anything and everything that might be illegal.

Bodycam from August 5, around 8:15 pm, shows the result of the aggressive traffic enforcement when drug officers locate a stolen car out of Hendersonville in a well-known drug area.

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According to agents, a man identified as Dresden Hollars ran from the vehicle with no shirt or shoes. He disappeared into the nearby woods, and now deputies have warrants for his arrest.

When agents searched the vehicle, they discovered thousands of dollars in stolen tools in the trunk, as well as a loaded gun with an extended magazine.

Inside the car, they found drugs believed to be blue fentanyl heroin, and crystal meth.

According to drug agents, the contraband, weapons, and stolen merchandise are coming in on the backroads from Davidson county. It’s where Cheatham County drug enforcement plans to continue their high-intensity traffic stops.

“We have focused our efforts in those areas, and so far we’ve had a lot of luck,” said Lt. Shannon Heflin I would think twice before coming into Cheatham County, our officers are aggressively enforcing crime in that area, and so we are out there looking for you.”

Later Friday evening, agents pulled over a pickup truck with Davidson County tags with more stolen merchandise. Officers arrested 39-year-old Sheree Weston.

Then close to midnight, another traffic stop turns into a driver who won’t stop. He drives recklessly on dark windy roads, ultimately getting on Highway 12 and heading back to the Davidson County line.

At one point, after crisscrossing the double yellow multiple times, he ran over the embankment and down a steep wooded incline.

Deputies chase with guns drawn. By the time they arrive, the man is gone. The car is being processed to see what if any clues it might yield.

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More of these saturation patrols are scheduled in the near future.

If anyone knows who the driver of the car that drove off the embankment is or where the wanted 21-year-old, Dresden Hollars is, contact Cheatham County Deputies.