GILES COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Dozens of cats were rescued from a home in Giles County early Saturday morning.

True Rescue and Lucky’s Cat House said authorities in Giles County reached out to them Saturday morning regarding a case where dozens of cats were living in deplorable conditions at a Giles County home.

“It was one of the worst cases I’ve seen,” Brandy Fox, board member of Lucky’s Cat House said.

According to authorities, an elderly man was living in a house with his adult son who had autism. The man recently died in the house, leaving his son and multiple cats behind, prompting the son to reach out to Lucky’s Cat House for help.

Once on scene, Adult Protective Services took the son in so the cats could get immediate help. Authorities said the house was uninhabitable, yet two people lived there.

“No animal should live in that, but no person should be allowed to live in that either. And the fact that two people were living in that home, I can’t wrap my head around it,” Jaclyn Payne, president and director of Lucky’s Cat House said.

According to Lucky’s Cat House, crews had to crawl under the home, move furniture and dig through “unimaginable filth” to make sure no cats were left behind. One cat will have to have an enucleation (eye removal), while another has been dropped off at a veterinarian. Spay and neuter clinics have also been contacted regarding emergency appointments.

Lucky’s also added their fosters are full, but they have set up temporary transport holding in their building and are holding 65 cats that leave for Colorado on Jan. 20.

True Rescue said they took in over 30 cats/kittens in just one week and are currently caring for 220 animals, most of which are at their shelter.

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