HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The snow isn’t stopping people or Officer Matthew Sigmund from hitting the roads Monday.

“With the amount of snow we got in those five hours in the morning time into the afternoon made it pretty slushy out here,” he said.

The Hendersonville police officer says despite the fresh coating of snow Monday, there haven’t been many reports of crashes in the area.

Still, Sigmund wants drivers to be cautious.

“People want to judge the roads like it’s sunny and 75, but when it’s 28 and slushy and ice on the road you got to have enough distance between you and the driver in front of you as well as the person behind you,” he said.

The Nashville Department of Transportation says they’ve had nearly 30 crews out salting and plowing roads Monday, while the Tennessee Department of Transportation has been doing the same.

“We have so much salt already on the roads from all the treating we did for the event before Christmas that it really has helped us in this situation,” said TDOT community relations officer Rebekah Hammond.

While crews continue to work and temperatures drop, Sigmund hopes people will consider staying off the roads until the weather improves.

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“We’re also out on the roads and we want to get home to our family, so we don’t want to put ourselves in unnecessary danger,” he said. “So if people stay home and stay off the road then it helps everybody’s cause.”