CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Being a first responder is a dangerous job. Sometimes even those rendering aid can quickly get into trouble.

That was the case Wednesday morning when two officers responded to a non-injury crash on I-24 and then collided with one another.

Bodycam and Dashcam video helped explain how the accident happened.

The video showed the Cheatham County deputy cutting through the median from the westbound lanes to the eastbound lanes, which were not moving due to the wreck the officers were responding to.

According to the THP accident report, the Cheatham County deputy had her emergency lights activated as she maneuvered through two lanes of eastbound traffic which was not moving.

The deputy eased in front of a parked semi-truck onto the shoulder, and then a moment later, her cruiser was hit in the right passenger side.

The Cheatham cruiser was knocked back into I-24 where it collided with another motorist. That Nissan Altima was not moving but suffered damage.

The bodycam video worn by the deputy showed the violence of the impact. Airbags deployed and metal crumpled.

After a few moments, you could hear the deputy catch her breath.

According to THP investigators, the trooper was also responding to the crash on I-24 eastbound.

The trooper was driving a Ford Explorer and also had her emergency lights activated.

At one point in the bodycam video, you can see the trooper through the front windshield of the deputy’s wrecked cruiser checking on the law officer.

The deputy puts up her hands and says, “I’m good.”

After a moment, the deputy pushed past the airbags and stepped onto the interstate.

She checked on THP officer and other motorists.

Both officers checked on the welfare of the 64-year-old driver of the red Nissan. Her car was damaged in the collision between the two police cars. The woman said she was okay.

The Cheatham deputy suffered some bumps and bruises in the crash. According to THP investigators, the trooper and the other motorist were not injured.

THP is investigating the wreck.

Cheatham County Chief Deputy Tim Binkley told News 2, the wreck showed how quickly things can change.

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“And that’s what happens sometimes, we are trying to get there to help someone else, and then we are involved in an accident, it just happens.”