HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Hendersonville police have arrested Kerwenlie Paul who is accused of using her position as a nursing student to gain access to multiple hospitals and allegedly stealing from one patient, and police fear there are more victims.

The victim’s daughter spoke to News 2 on the condition of anonymity regarding the 22-year-old’s alleged criminal actions against her father.

“She has disgraced the health care profession as far as I am concerned,” the woman said.

According to Hendersonville police, in early March, nursing student Kerwenlie Paul allegedly went into the Nashville hospital room of a 73-year-old cancer patient and the 22-year-old stole the sick man’s credit cards, using them in a shopping spree in Hendersonville.

“Ms. Paul is a nursing student who has served in several Middle Tennessee hospitals,” Sgt. Neal Harris said. “As part of the nursing program, they go out and do their clinicals. So she has had access to a lot of patients, and what we are concerned about is identifying any other possible victims, anyone who may have had their cards stolen, used and bring justice to those cases.”

The victim’s daughter, a registered nurse, says she finds the crime revolting.

“I’m frustrated, mad. I myself am a registered nurse, and from what I understand, she is in nursing school.
She does not represent what nurses are. This is not what we do. I’m grateful we are able to figure out who did this to him, so hopefully, she cannot do this to anyone else,” the woman said.

When asked what the registered nurse would say to the nursing student who allegedly preyed upon her sick father, the daughter says this.

“I would say, what were you thinking? He has already gone through a very difficult time. His whole family is under hardship, having to straighten out all these charges she racked up, thousands of dollars, getting all that taken care of. We have spent days, that we should have been spending with our father who is battling cancer. But we have been dealing with this instead. Very selfish. I hope other victims will come forward. I am sure they are very frustrated and hurt as we are.”

Hendersonville police say Paul worked in two Nashville hospitals and one Sumner County hospital, and it’s possible she worked in other facilities as well. Police believe there are other victims and they would like to hear from them.

Paul is out of jail on a $3,000 bond.

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Authorities say she implicated herself in this crime.