FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — A startling statistic in Tennessee shows one in eleven babies don’t reach their first birthday. It’s a heartbreaking reality for many, but one that a Nashville nonprofit is working to change.

Nurses for Newborns is a group that sends registered nurses to do home visits with families with newborn to help them in whatever way they need. The service is completely free.

Nurses for Newborns serves 8 counties in Middle Tennessee. Nurses will go to homes where the baby may be medically fragile, the baby was in the NICU, or the mother may have a mental health or substance abuse concern. The group also helps teenage parents or just anyone who needs a little extra help navigating a new life as a parent.

The goal is to prevent infant mortality, child abuse, and neglect. Since the service is free, the organization needs help to keep the lights on.

A big part of their fundraising efforts comes from their annual event, Night for Newborns, which is coming up on April 28th.

“I think it’s important also to note that we make sure to provide services for all resources that families might need as well. So if a family needs a safe sleeping environment, if they need diapers, if they need formula, if they need a breast pump, if they need clothes, if they need anything that would help and support them to provide for their family and for their infant. We also are committed to providing that for our families as well,” said Kathleen Clancy, Development Director for Nurses for Newborns.

The executive director for Nurses for Newborns, Matt Robertson, first found out about the organization when his daughter was born.

“My daughter was delivered six weeks early. She spent about 20 days in the NICU. When we brought her home and she was about four and a half pounds and we were new parents. We had no idea how to best care for this little four and a half pound baby and so we were connected with Nurses for Newborns before I started working here,” he said.

“We had a nurse come to our home for the first year of my daughter’s life. It was wonderful, it’s such a comfort to be able to talk to a nurse, to ask our questions, however good or bad those questions might be, and have that resource to be able to care for our daughter the best. Now she’s eight and she is completely thriving and you would never know,” said Robertson.

The event is at the Factory at Franklin at 6 p.m., April 28.

100% of the money raised will help babies in Middle Tennessee. The event will have a seated dinner, open bar, entertainment and an auction. The event will be emceed by WKRN’s own Meaghan Thomas. Click here for more about the event and tickets.

For more information about Nurses for Newborns, click here.