DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – The final step toward justice was made for the family of a Dickson County sergeant who was brutally murdered in 2018, as a plea deal was reached for Erika Castro-Miles.

On Friday, Steven Wiggins’ accomplice pleaded to the lesser charge of second degree murder in the death of Sgt. Daniel Baker.

Sergeant Baker’s family said it feels surreal watching Castro-Miles get handcuffed. Her agreement is to serve 15 years at 100 percent, but she already has four years under her belt.

Baker’s widow Lisa told News 2 she wants to feel relief, but really doesn’t.

“You know, you would think that you would feel some sort of relief after a moment like this, but it’s just, that’s not how you feel. It’s kind of you don’t know where to go from here. You want that sense of relief, you want the storm to be over, but you are not ready to dance in the rain,” Lisa explained.

The horrible acts Wiggins and Castro-Miles committed to her husband will forever haunt her mind as she still faces the challenges that lie ahead with their 5-year-old daughter Meredith who doesn’t yet know what happened to her dad.

Those in court were surprised to see a deal reached, but had an idea something was coming as Castro-Miles was crying almost from the moment she was brought in.

“We went back and forth. They said one thing, we said another thing and we came to an agreement and it’s an agreement I think I’m okay with,” Lisa said.

The agreement came as the court expected graphic testimony from the medical examiner, as well as the disturbing body camera footage to play of Sergeant Baker being shot multiple times before being set on fire.

“At least this way we didn’t have to see it today in court,” Lisa said.

The plea will keep the family from having to go through appeals. Castro-Miles was originally facing premeditated first degree murder.

Lisa says 15 years is not enough time, but that no amount of time will ever be enough.

“Nothing is enough, you know, nothing is enough. You know nothing will every bring Daniel back, but is it realistic? Yes. Is it satisfying? No, but it’s the judicial system so that’s what we get,” Lisa said.

Sergeant Baker’s handcuffs were used on Wiggins at his trial. Lisa says she hopes those handcuffs that are now at the Dickson County Sheriff’s Department will one day belong to their daughter.

Wiggins was sentenced to death on state charges for the murder and life on other federal charges.