Two groups in Nashville say walking in this city isn’t safe enough. 

They’re working to protect everyone from the people who choose to walk — to those who don’t have a choice.

“It shouldn’t be life-threatening to walk and get around Nashville, it shouldn’t be a big huge risk to go across the street and right now it is,” said Tamika Douglas, of the nonprofit Music City Riders. 

On Saturday, the nonprofits Walk Bike Nashville and Music City Riders came together; walking along one of the most dangerous streets for pedestrians in Nashville. 

“This is my city, I’m from Nashville and I hate that you know that the only way to get around and to have access to our city, is to have a car.  You shouldn’t have to have a car to feel safe, and to get to work and to get to school, ” said Nora Kern, executive director of Walk Bike Nashville. 

They’re hopeful they can get the city and state’s attention to make changes.