NOLENSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A man is wanted in Nolensville after allegedly cashing in a fraudulent check for several thousand dollars.  

“The check was initially written for a much smaller amount and that is what the victim was expecting to come out of the mail, but instead a much larger amount came out,” said Detective Tyler Nelson with Nolensville Police Department.  

Nelson said authorities are releasing pictures of the suspect, Robert Lee Miller Jr., in order to help catch him. He’s seen allegedly cashing in a stolen check after he’s believed to have washed and addressed the check to him for nearly $5,000.

(Courtesy: Nolensville Police Department)

“It seems recently there has been an uptick in this general area,” Nelson said. 

Nolensville Police said this wasn’t his first offense. According to Franklin Police, Miller was arrested back in November after he allegedly attempted to cash in a fraud check. 

Therefore, the search is on to find Miller so no one else falls victim.   

“We were able to learn that he was staying frequently in different motels in the south Nashville area, so we have been trying to look in that region,” Nelson said. 

To prevent yourself from falling victim to check washing, Nelson advised that you drop checks off at the post office.  

He also said regular ball point pens are easily washable so using jell pens is much harder to wash off if not impossible.