WILLIAMSPORT, Penn. (WKRN) — Nolensville is coming for revenge as they play Hawaii on Saturday in the U.S. Championship of the Little League World Series.

It’s a success story for the small-town team after they beat Texas Thursday night by a score of 7-1, rebounding from a crushing loss against Hawaii Wednesday 13-0.

The comeback was greatly owed to Josiah Porter after he hit a grand slam in the bottom of the first inning.

His father told News 2 this moment was part of a miracle after Josiah lost his vision in his right eye a little over five years ago, when he accidentally walked into a tool shelf on a side of a work truck.

“I think what happens is the dominance of his good eye takes over. Maybe that helps his depth perception because I can’t explain how he can hit a 75 mph from 46 feet,” Brandon Porter said.

Josiah said he owes it to his faith and his father for his resilience on the diamond.

“He really helped me get through this injury. He just kept throwing the ball to me and grow as a person, he’s just been with me the whole way,” Josiah Porter said.

Josiah’s dad tells News 2 overtime Josiah can regain his sight through surgeries and a miracle.

As for Saturday’s game, Nolensville takes on Hawaii again at 2:30 Central Time on News 2.