NOLENSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A longtime police officer told News 2 about the most egregious speeding violation he’s ever seen in Nolensville: a teenager allegedly driving more than 70 mph over the speed limit this weekend.

It all unfolded around 5:20 a.m. on Saturday, March 18, as a Nolensville officer, just coming on duty, was about to turn into a gas station a block from City Hall.

Suddenly, he saw a car approaching at a high rate of speed on Nolensville Road. When the officer checked his radar, it flashed 106 mph.

The car, a 2018 Subaru BRZ, zoomed by in the 30 mph zone, so the officer activated his blue lights and followed the vehicle, which pulled over near City Hall.

That’s when the officer discovered the driver was a 16-year-old Brentwood boy, dressed in his pajamas. The young man told the officer he just wanted to see how fast his car could go.

According to Nolensville Assistant Police Chief Michael Terns, going 76 mph over the limit is a serious infraction.

“I’ve never heard that speed before, ever,” he said. “I’ve been a police officer here for 23 years, and I’ve never seen that speed on this road.”

In addition, if a driver got into a collision at such a high rate of speed, it would not end up well for anyone involved, Terns said.

“At that speed, you have a very limited range of view because things are coming at you so quickly … We do have runners, we have people on bicycles. There’s a vehicle that may pull out in front of you, not realizing you’re traveling 106 miles an hour,” Terns continued.

Terns said officers tried to to contact the teen’s parents, but they were unsuccessful, so he was brought to juvenile hall, where he was charged with speeding, reckless driving, and breaking curfew.

This news comes after two Brentwood teenagers — a 19-year-old driver and a 14-year-old passenger — were killed in a fiery crash Saturday afternoon.

According to the Brentwood Police Department, a vehicle was traveling north on Jones Parkway, went off the road near Brentmeade Boulevard, hit and tree, and caught on fire just after 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Even though the deadly Brentwood incident is still under investigation, officials told News 2 that speed was definitely a contributing factor.