NOLENSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Nolensville Police Department is on the lookout for bandits who reportedly smashed their way into a CBD business over the weekend.

The burglary at KRON on Nolensville Road was brazen and very well-documented by at least nine video cameras inside and around the store.

The exterior footage from around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 12 shows a 2019 Hyundai backing up to the CBD store, with a visible license plate. Police have since determined the car was stolen.

“Right now, the owner — again, we’ve talked to her — she does not know who they are,” said Nolensville Detective Josh Combs.

Surveillance video shows one of the bandits using a screw driver to smash the glass on the door. From there, both suspects kicked in the glass and entered.

On the indoor footage, you can spot as many as three individuals sweep the shelves, stealing expensive products by the armful. They were only inside a few minutes as they loaded up with merchandise and then ran to and from the car multiple times.

However, one suspect was seen breaking the glass and then cutting their arm while trying to hurdle the counter.

“[Police] arrive on scene, door’s broken out, they make entry, clearly it had been burglarized, owner shows up on scene, and officers go from there,” Combs explained.

“This shop is not a vape shop. We are a cannabis shop. We do legal cannabis product that’s sourced from the hemp plant, and it’s good for our community because this is, it’s beneficial,” said Jake Seipel, the owner of KRON. “We started it because of our community. We want to bring balance and peace and medicinal products that will really be helpful for our community.”

While replaying the video of the crime, the owner of the family-run store became emotional, telling News 2 the suspects stole thousands of dollars worth of therapeutic products that help many customers.

“I am tired of my community being robbed and broken and stolen and destroyed. I am not going to put up with it, and I will do whatever I can do in my community to make sure that doesn’t happen, and what I want my community to know is that I am here for my community,” Seipel said. “When you have a product or a place that is beneficial that gets destroyed, that is a problem for me, not just my business, but my whole community’s business, and that is the issue, and quite honestly we need to start standing up for our community, all of us. This kind of stuff is just not acceptable.”

Police said they have a lot of clues in this case, including the blood from the individual whose arm was cut. That suspect’s DNA was submitted to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for analysis.

In the meantime, KRON’s owner told News 2 he plans to fortify his security system, eventually adding an armed guard

Last week, News 2 reported on two break-ins at a Franklin vape store. However, authorities said the Franklin crimes do not appear to be connected to the Nolensville crime.

If you have any information about Saturday morning’s incident at KRON, you are asked to call the Nolensville Police Department at 615-776-3640.