BERRY HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — Within 24 hours of putting out an APB for an alleged trailer thief, Berry Hill police slapped the cuffs on the alleged thief.

On Tuesday, Berry Hill police arrested 42-year-old Adam Cook who had the stolen trailer with him.

The trailer, valued at close to $7,000, was stolen on July 24 from a popular restaurant. The truck that was hooked up to the trailer had some very identifiable markings.

After police ran into some dead ends, they called News 2. Minutes after the story aired, someone in the community called the cops with valuable information.

By the next evening, detectives and officers were off to an alley behind 15th Avenue South where they found Cook and the stolen trailer.

“Well, you always hear people say thank you to the police,” said Berry Hill Police Chief Tim Coleman. “I want to say thank you to the viewer, for stepping up, for making that victim whole again.”

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Bodycam video of the arrest showed Cook telling the cops how he got the trailer.

Officer: “Nice trailer, where’d you get this one from? This is your trailer?”

Cook: “This trailer right here, it is a loaner.”

Officer: “Okay, whose is it?”

Cook: “It’s a loaner.”

Officer: “It’s a loaner from whom?”

News 2 has looked into Adam Cook’s criminal history. It’s 14 pages long, dating back 23 years.

It includes drugs, driving offenses, theft and assaults.

“We are a 15-man department. with your [News 2] viewership, on any given night, I have an extra 100,000 extra officers on the street for me,” Chief Coleman added.

Coleman says this case is an example of how the community can partner with the police and make the community a better place.

“It’s tremendous, not only did it make the victim whole again, it shows what we as stake holders can do, all the crime going with COVID and other things, see something say something, we’ve said that and preached that and it worked,” he said.

The chief said the restaurant was very grateful and picked up their trailer, though cops say it had close to $5,000 dollars worth of damage to it including axel damage, paint damage, tire damage and latch damage.

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Cook was charged with felony vandalism, theft and trespassing.